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It is a long established fact that

There are many variations of passages

There are many variations of passages

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We encourage a fun based learning where every child is made to think out of the box, relate to real life scenarios.

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    Our courses have been structured and designed by industry experts in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Education. We motivate kids to understand the latest technology advancements with more hands-on activities and nurture them organically.

    Coding, in simpler terms, means feeding our commands in the computer in a language the computer understands, so that the computer can carry out the said command, and perform the task.

    Coding fosters creativity. By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake they learn. Children can be creative and creativity is encouraged. Creativity is part of the process and not always the product.

    Coding courses offered through Elitz with knowledge in the C Programming language; programming and analyzing data with Python; developing programs; building a responsive and accessible web portfolio using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript; developing professional-quality web portfolio; and more.

    You’ll be able to explain the history and scientific innovations of technologies that have converged to enable the Internet of Things, and you’ll have built a working prototype making use of those technologies.